1 Life-Changing Week

Leaders Week:
A LIVE 5-day Master Class
with Keith Callahan

Learn Keith’s simple and duplicatable BLUEPRINT for high level-long term success!

During Leaders Week, you’ll learn the 4 keys to creating a thriving business in TODAYS MARKET:  Simplify everything, attract your dream team, duplicate your efforts and develop leaders…

You can finally stop over complicating and build your business with confidence!!

Leaders Week is different than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Have you ever wondered why a select few experience success at the highest levels year after year?

It’s simple. They build with the mindset of a CEO while everyone else builds with the mindset of an employee.

Building like a CEO means:


Shifting your focus from hitting high #’s to finding a handful of dream partners.  This leads to working less, being more fulfilled, and earning more.


Creating long term passive income (you get paid over and over whether you work this week or not) by building a team rather than simply selling products.


Eventually building a business that gives you FREEDOM OF TIME all while supporting and serving the community you love.

But here’s the problem…

  • You’ve got a million things going on and you feel like there is never enough time to work your business.
  • You believe in your company and the products and the opportunity, but deep down you don’t believe that YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO IT!
  • You feel that you just need a little more training, a little more focus, and a little more effort, and then you’ll make it.  But it still hasn’t panned out…

And trust me…I get it.

Building a business isn’t easy and the Network Marketing industry has made this way more complicated than it has to be.  

But here is what I want to share with you.

This business can completely change your life, just like it changed my life and thousands of lives of those whom I’ve mentored.

Here’s what I mean.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve built a team of over 30,000 distributors,  earned over $10 Million Dollars and personally mentored 100’s of million-dollar earners.  

This business has given me the freedom to do what I want in life with who I want (spend time with my wife and 6 kids).

I absolutely love what I do because I get to help others build their vision and dream and eventually realize it .

But here’s a big secret.

Not a single Network Marketer in history achieved overnight success.

But each of them thank their lucky stars they got the right mentorship.

If you’re willing to commit to your business and not just consume but actually implement what I have to teach you alongside our community…  I promise to go all in for an entire week.  Not just teaching what worked in the past but what works TODAY!!

When you build like a CEO (rather than an employee) you enjoy more freedom of time, increased income, and a business centered on breathing life into the vision and dreams of others.

What I’m going to teach you WORKS!

I’ve done Leaders Week twice in the past year and my students say it best!

To say they were obsessed is an understatement!

OK, so these first groups were amazing…

We learned so many things that will make this Leaders Week 10X’s more powerful.

I hope you’re ready.

Is Right For You If:

  • You identify as a Social Seller, Direct Seller, Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Multi-level marketer – you name it…  who wants to build a highly profitable business.
  • You’re still working a full-time job and you are simply sick and tired of building someone else’s dream.  You’re ready to start creating your own vision and dream.
  • You’re already highly successful in NWM, but you’ve experienced burnout.  You’ve had success but you’ve never experienced the freedom from building depth of leadership.
  • You’re at a place where your business has plateaued.  You know of the potential in this business and you’re nowhere near living up to it!

Leaders week just hits different!

Get Out Your Calendar!



8 to 8:45 PM EST

Training Day 1: Monday October 3


10:30 to 11:00 AM EST
Live training #1


12 to 12:30 pm EST
Live Coaching Call

Training Day 2: Tuesday October 4


10:30 to 11:00 AM EST
Live training #2


12 to 12:30 pm EST
Live Coaching Call

Training Day 3: Wednesday October 5


10:30 to 11:00 am EST
Live training #3


12 to 12:30 pm EST
Live Coaching Call

Training Day 4: Thursday October 6


10:30 to 11:00 am EST
Live training #4


12 to 12:30 pm EST
Live Coaching Call

Training Day 5: Friday October 7


10:30 to 11:00 AM EST
Live training #5


12 to 12:30 pm EST
Live Coaching Call

By the end of the Leaders Week you’ll have:

  • A simplified approach to your business allowing you to approach things in a much calmer way.
  • The confidence of knowing exactly how to position yourself to start attracting in your dream partners. 
  • The confidence of knowing exactly what to do with those dream partners who come in and how to get them started right from day one.
  • A clear picture of exactly where you are in your business and where you need to go next.
  • A step-by-step plan on exactly how to get from where you are, to where you need to go and the “bridge” you need to cross to get there.

More Than Anything

You’re going to walk away from Leaders Week knowing exactly why a select few achieve success at the highest levels while everyone else struggles.

Even more important, you’ll have a PLAN to achieve that success.

If you are still scrolling, I bet you are looking for…


Free Bonus Master Class

How to Recession-Proof Your Business with The CEO Path

This Master Class is at the core of everything I teach and addresses the question; Why do a select few in Network Marketing experience success at the highest levels, while everyone else struggles?

It’s not because they’re better, more deserving, or harder working. It’s not their sponsor, or team, or the fact they got in before you. 

It’s the way they build their business, the path they follow.

They build with the mindset of a CEO, while everyone else builds with the mindset of an employee. You can put in all the effort you want and work 10x’s harder, but if your mindset is that of an employee, you’ll get the results of an employee.

Here’s the good news, you can change the way you’re building and achieve success at the highest levels.

We call it The CEO Path!

$97 Value

Exclusive access to our popup facebook group

This is where I will go LIVE, check in with you, answer your  questions, etc.  I’m basically hanging here (and doing nothing else) for the entire week!!

Not only that, you’ll be surrounded by the best of the best in the industry.

Join me, the Leaders team, and a community of Network Marketers at every stage of business for accountability, networking, and next level support.

Get all your questions answered, access support, and build relationships with like minded friends 24-hours a day.  

This is where its all going down!

$197 Value

7-day Replay extension

Can’t make it to all the lives?  We’ve got your back!

You’ll have until October 14, an entire week, to watch the replays and lean into the community support inside Leaders Week.

$49 Value

Monthly workbooks

Building your NWM business doesn’t have to be complicated…  but there are different stages that require different actions.  

With our stage specific monthly workbooks you’ll never again wonder what you should be doing next.

Cross action items off the list, one at a time, and move your way along our CEO path until you have the team and business of your dreams!

$49 Value

coached by keith

By far one of the the most popular things you’ll experience in Leaders Week.  

Coached by Keith are live coaching calls where you’ll get to watch Keith “coach” your peers through various stages of their business.

I’ve been perfecting these coaching sessions for years and the feedback is always amazing.  Checkout the comments below, our students say it best.

$47 Value

Join Leaders Week and Get ALL These Bonuses for $49.

When you sign up for Leaders Week: A 5-day Master Class with Keith Callahan you get…

  • Coached by Keith sessions ($49)
  • Training #1:  Stop the craziness and simplify your NWM Business ($97)
  • Training #2:  How to Attract your Dream Team ($97)
  • Training #3:  NWM Systems that Scale ($97)
  • Training #4:  Developing NWM Leaders ($97)
  • Training #5: Working the CEO Path ($97)
  • Exclusive Access to the Leaders Week Facebook Community ($197)
  • Free 7 Day Replay Extension ($49)
  • *FREE Stage Specific Monthly Workbooks ($49)

Thats over $823 in value for just…


Our Students Say it Best!

Have a burning question?
Here’s what others have asked:

What if I'm not yet a Leader? Is Leaders Week for me?

It doesn’t matter if today is your first day in Network Marketing or you’ve been at this for years, Leaders Week is for you. BUT – This is not an introduction to Network Marketing.

Leaders Week teaches you how to build a large business, that lasts for years to come. A business that gives you both financial freedom and freedom of time.  

If you recognize the potential in our industry, but you haven’t personally experiened that high-level, long lasting success-yet, Leaders Week is for you!

What if I can't make it live every day?

You’re busy – we get it! Every one of the Leaders Week trainings will be recorded and available to re-watch. Plus, when you enroll in Leaders Week, you receive a BONUS 7 day extension, which means you’ll have access to all the Leaders Week trainings for a full week after the LIVE event wraps up.

BUT! We’ve been at this long enough to know that showing up is an indicator of success, follow through, and the motivation necessary to build a big business.

So… we’ve added BONUSES every day for those on the live training. If you must miss a LIVE training, you’ll still get the bulk of the training. But try and make showing up LIVE a priority… deal?

Why is it so cheap?

OK, you got me there.  I’m going to increase the price…  Just kidding.  That’s the power of teaching in a group.  Instead of charging $1,000 an hour for a one-on-one with me (which is what I charge) we get to hang out LIVE for an ENTIRE WEEK with a group of like-minded people.  I can teach you so much more and it’s so much cheaper for you.  It’s a win-win.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yup! I’m only looking for people who are truly looking to make a change in their business and life and I have so much confidence you’re going to be blown away but what’s in store for Leaders Week… but if you decide to back out, it’s an option. Simply email my team by 11:59 pm EST on October 2 and we’ll happily issue a full refund.

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